1990 Saleen convertible #203

Bright red convertible

1990 Saleen convertible #203

Bright red convertible

1990 Saleen Convertible #203 is finished in Bright red/ Black ,Gray two tone Saleen custom SC style leather interior and a 5 speed transmission with a 3.55 rear. This car has only 10,850 miles and has been garaged and stored properly. This very rare example of a 90s Saleen is immaculate and has never been modified.

This car is the last production numbered 1993 Saleen. It was completed 03/08-94, and is numbered #94.
The car is Ford Electric red/black cloth Recaro interior,Factory Saleen/Vortech supercharged with Spyder option and the original owner opted for the Ford CD player. This was such a late car is was equipped with Speedline wheels.
The car has both Ford and Saleen window stickers, this car has only been driven 9K and is a great display car for our showroom.

1999 Saleen S351 #32

Supercharged,505 Hp

1999 Saleen S351 #32 Rare silver/charcoal leather Recaro interior,Supercharged,505 Hp,6 speed. Silver 18in wheels with 10in rear upgrade. Sothern California car that was built to be driven,this car looks unique in silver not your regular black or red car.


The old saying race on Sunday sell on Monday is still as true today ,and has been a marketing term for many years
Steve Saleen is known for building custom street cars starting in 1984,Saleen started racing in 1986 and has continued thru the years to help market and test parts.
Saleen raced these 86-89 cars in Endurance racing so they had to withstand 24hr races and multiple drivers. The race series was sponsored by the Escort radar dector company, hence the name Escort endurance series.
The most recognized Saleen race cars are the nicknamed bumble bee cars from 87-89. Saleen built only 8 Factory R models compared to Shelbys 26 R models ,so these are rare cars seldom seen buy the average Mustang enthusiast. These R model Saleens were built from new cars and were race cars from day one. The Escort endurance series was intended to showcase the best [...]

1993 Supercharged Saleen #91

Factory Supercharged

1993 Saleen #91,Bright red single stage 100% original paint/Black Recaro interior,factory Supercharged,5 speed all stock with only 13,000 miles,17 in speedline wheels, The car is all stock and even has the original exhaust. I even have the window sticker.  The car shines like new and drives fantastic. This car is one of one in the color and option combination.

Saleen Race car the Beast 93-#01R

Anniversary Race car


This is a one of one special Saleen race car 93- #01R,based on the SA10 , this car was called the Beast. It is owned by one of our great customers and friends. The car is a supercharged 302 with a 5 speed trans,side exhaust and custom 9in rear. This car has huge history with Saleen and used at many shows including the MCA show in Charlotte NC in 1999. The car is regularly driven at HPDE events and open track days.

1987 Saleen #162

Original Survivor car

This is a very rare Saleen  not because of  it production number, The car is100% original and unmolested. True Survivor car is Factory Cabernet red single stage paint/ Saleen gray FloFit interior. This is a two owner car and the original paint and moldings still look like new, The rubber window and door moldings look new.The only way to do this is keeping them garaged and out of the sun. This car was sold new in Illinois but was not under coated.

The original owner was an engineer and kept records of all services and mileage so the mere 15,000 miles driven is easy to verify. The car also has the original bill of sale too. I have owned many early Saleens and I was amazed how clean this car was when it arrived,IMO this car was cleaned for hours every time it had been driven.

This car also has the original wheels and XP2000H [...]

1987 General tire Saleen Race car #20R

The Championship R model

1987 Saleen #20R

This is the most famous and winning Saleen general tire race car. 1987 was the year Saleen took the Manufactures,Driver ,Tire and team championships!!!

This was part of a 3 car team built by Kenny Brown . These cars were amazing and kicked but in the SCCA. This particular car was the car that clinched the points and won it all. the car was the girls car driven by  Desire Wilson,Lisa Caceres and Donna sue Landon.

The R cars were built from new cars and were supposed to be showroom stock but????

1989 Saleen SSC #02

1st SSC built ,Press car

1989 SSC #02 Prototype Press Vehicles (First SSC produced)
The Saleen SSC was the first federally certified Saleen produced, Steve Saleen  wanted to have his own super car with more power and performance but it had to meet the EPA guidelines. The SSC was the Father of all future modified Saleens. It all started with Steve’s vision and the SSC.
The prototype car was code named SA-5 and was an all-black Saleen hatchback built from an employee’s personal car. The SA-5 was a fantastic development platform but there was one big problem…. It was a black car and black cars do not photograph well, actually magazine editors avoid black cars at all cost, so Saleen decided to use a white car.
The SSC was born .A white hatchback with custom painted grey body belt moldings and now famous chevron stripes.

This car was featured in over 20 magazines and had a bunch [...]

This SA 10 #02 was just added to a clients private collection ton and will be on display at PAS. This is a unique car with fully built motor and roll cage from Saleen. This car is 100% original as built by Saleen and is fully documented.

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