1987 Saleen #162

Original Survivor car

PAS Details

This is a very rare Saleen  not because of  it production number, The car is100% original and unmolested. True Survivor car is Factory Cabernet red single stage paint/ Saleen gray FloFit interior. This is a two owner car and the original paint and moldings still look like new, The rubber window and door moldings look new.The only way to do this is keeping them garaged and out of the sun. This car was sold new in Illinois but was not under coated.

The original owner was an engineer and kept records of all services and mileage so the mere 15,000 miles driven is easy to verify. The car also has the original bill of sale too. I have owned many early Saleens and I was amazed how clean this car was when it arrived,IMO this car was cleaned for hours every time it had been driven.

This car also has the original wheels and XP2000H tires but currently the car has a rare set of 16x8in Race specification wheels painted body color and wrapped in 225/50/16 BFG tires. This was a fantastic addition to the PAS collection. It is driven to the local cars and coffee.

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