1993 #02 Saleen supercharged convertible

91,92,93 Press car,Poster car

PAS Details

This particular car holds an interesting part of Saleen history,This car is a key part of the PAS collection.
This is 91-001 and 93-001 and 93-002,this was a very unique and special press car.
It was originally built at Cars and concepts then sent to So cal to be further modified for press use. It was re badged as 93-002 for press use.
The car was modified by updating the car to 92 specs.
This car was also featured in 10 magazines and articles
This car was instrumental in the development of Tim Allen relationship with Saleen Performance. Tim drove 93-002 with Joan Lundon on May 19,1993 on an episode of Good Morning America,it also appeared on November 19,1993 in a segment of Entertainment tonight were Tim took delivery of his 93 R-R-R car.

-8psi Vortech supercharger
-3.55 Auburn rear end
-Pioneer radio
– Spyder package
-Light bar
-Color keyed early Stern wheels

This car was also used in a poster and on the sales brochures for 92 and 93.

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