1990 Saleen SC #22

Canadian export SC

PAS Details

This is a very interesting survivor Saleen SC , Saleen only produced a few of the special car s but this one is different it was originally built for and sold new in Canada.Very unique 300KMH speedo built specially for this car. This car was purchased new by a Canadian citizen and imported New. This very rare car was equipped with a Saleen installed Paxton ball drive supercharger,Bell remote radar detector ,Pioneer CD player and all black Saleen leather interior. This car also was built with standard Flo Fit head rest per Canadian laws. The original owner had the car until his death a few years ago then the car was brought back to the USA and was in a private collection. We also have all the order and Saleen paperwork  from 1990.This car only has 4,000 original miles and is still on the original General XP2000Z tires.

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