1989 Saleen SSC #02

1st SSC built ,Press car

PAS Details

1989 SSC #02 Prototype Press Vehicles (First SSC produced)
The Saleen SSC was the first federally certified Saleen produced, Steve Saleen  wanted to have his own super car with more power and performance but it had to meet the EPA guidelines. The SSC was the Father of all future modified Saleens. It all started with Steve’s vision and the SSC.
The prototype car was code named SA-5 and was an all-black Saleen hatchback built from an employee’s personal car. The SA-5 was a fantastic development platform but there was one big problem…. It was a black car and black cars do not photograph well, actually magazine editors avoid black cars at all cost, so Saleen decided to use a white car.
The SSC was born .A white hatchback with custom painted grey body belt moldings and now famous chevron stripes.

This car was featured in over 20 magazines and had a bunch of one off prototype parts.

  • Stainless door and shifter inserts
  • Custom Billet plenum plate painted with SSC colors
  • Leather covered parking brake handle
  • SSC rear deck decal with chevrons that are opposite of production cars
  • One off Championship horn button
  • Custom built  multi piece stainless steel headers
  • Dave Dixion Race spec motor ,so it would test better for the Press
  • ABS brake fluid pressure switch to help with stopping distances


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