1989 General tire Saleen #19R

Saleen Factory R model

PAS Details

1989 Saleen Race car #19R is on of 8 General tire sponsored bumble bee race cars, This car was the last of that generation and  still has the original Dave Dixion race motor. These cars  also had widened body work,it is impossible to tell unless you open the door and measure its width.   The 89 cars finally got brakes to try and match the superior corvette brakes on the Camaro.The Saleen crew also decided to change the offset of the front brakes to allow the same size wheels front and rear. Saleen only built two cars for the 1989 Season.These cars were really cool with all the developments from the previous years all wrapped up in the 89 cars. This car is still a fun open track day car at VIR.

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