1989 California GT

PAS Details

This rare and unique car was built on an 89 GT and was sent to Saleen as a new car for the Northern California Ford dealers.There was a glut of unsold new white/gray cloth,5 speed sunroof GTs. Saleen got together with the dealer to come up with a low cost package to help sell 50 unsold GTs.

The California GT package consisted of a Saleen Hurst shifter,race craft suspension,Monroe Formula GP shocks/Struts and springs. The car also has American racing 16×7 4 lug mesh wheels with 225/50/16 ¬†General XP2000 tires . Saleen also installed a shifter tag but these are not serialized cars or recognized in the Saleen registry. A cool part of Saleen history and these were the predecessors of the 92-93 Sports GT,94 V6 sports and the later Racecraft cars.

This car is 1 of 50 and a 1 owner car with only 11,000 dry miles. The car is 100% original down to the spark plug wires ,air silencer and General tires. The paint is incredible as is the interior.

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