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1965 Sunbeam Tiger



1965 Sunbeam Tiger

This is an excellent example of a 60 sports car that you can actually drive. This car has been modified for reliability and is no garage queen. The owner drove this car up to our shop in 90 degree heat 3.5 hrs and rented a car to drive home.
Here is some background info on the Tiger.  I was  purchased it in 2006 from the St Louis Car Museum who had purchased it in 2000 from a person in Columbus Ohio. It was my understanding that it had always been an Ohio car. I have a copy of the Ohio title. The SLCM restored the car to the point when I purchased it. They changed out the original 260 Ford for a 302 and swapped the 4 speed for a T-5. The original 260 came with car to me. They told me it wasnt running when they purchased it and made the decision to go with the 302 and 5 speed during their restoration.
   As soon as I received the car I made arrangements to have  Performance give a thorough going over with attention to the suspension. Performance Autosport rebuilt the front suspension, put on new Koni shocks and fabricated a Panhard bar in the rear. The car already had the LAT traction masters on the rear leafs. No axle hop with this combo puts all the power right where you want it. 
     I later (2010 I think) decided to swap out the existing 302 for a crate engine  Cobra spec 302 with a new Holley 4 barrel. I also had the T-5  transmission rebuilt at the same time.
     In 2014 Fantom Works in Norfolk restored the dash to a high level with beautiful veneer work and all new Smiths guages. That was about 3000 miles ago. The engine has well less than 10,000 miles on it since it was installed. Most recently Fantom works replaced all the front bushings. They have done all the maintenance for me in the several years. 
     In 1965 Sunbeam produced 3,500+ Tigers. Jensen under contract to the Rootes Group took Alpine bodies and modified and assembled the Tigers. The last several hundred of the 65 Tigers were given some 66 body panels. Jensen just used them as they arrived without attention to model year. Mine is one of later VINs of the 65’s. The cars for the U.S. market were then shipped to Carol Shelby for options etc. Shelby created the prototype Tiger for Lord Roote. Thus his involvement in the U.S. 
Details on this Tiger
*Originally red and black interior. Although the original red had alittle more brown to orange hue to it. Kind of an ugly red. My car has 2004 Honda S2000 red on it.
-302 cu in 93 Cobra crate engine with roller rockers. 
-Edelbrock aluminum intake manifold with a Holley 600 something 4 barrel. 
-It has custom long tube headers and exhaust headers that are powder coated. 
-The mufflers are cherry bomb type. 
-It has an electric pusher fan in front of the over sized Aluminum race radiator that is controlled manually by a toggle on the dash. Runs cool at all speeds.
-Borg Warner T-5 transmission with 8.8 Ford rearend. LAT traction masters, Koni shocks and a Panhard bar. Rack and Pinion steering.
-It has 15 inch Panasport wheels. Some slight clear coat pealing 
-Brand new Robbins soft top with a tonneau top in the trunk. 
-also has a Nardi 14 inch steering wheel.
-New mirrors in the trunk
-New dash with smiths gauges
-New front bushings
This car has been driven when ever possible and its a hot rod Tiger but based more on reliability than just power.
The car runs at 70 mph at 2000 rpms on the highway and handles like its on rails. 
This car is owned by a client of PAS and has a clear VA title
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Year: 1965
Make: Sunbeam
Model: Tiger
Body Style: Convertible
Mileage: TMU
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Condition: Like new
Location: Richmond, VA
Price: $47,500
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