1988 Saleen Mustang SSGT #20R Showroom Stock Racecar - FOR SALE

1988 Saleen Mustang SSGT #20R Showroom Stock Race Car

> This car is well documented. It was previously driven by Desire Wilson, Lisa Caceras, Calvin Fish, Steve Saleen, Rick Titus, Lian Dirarte, Tommy Archer, and Pete Halsmer.

> The Escort Series was for “stock” cars with minimal shock upgrades and roll cages. The cars all had to be production models with VIN numbers. The idea was to put all the manufacturers together and let them race their production models

> The Saleen factory team built 3 cars for the 1988 season: 19R, 20R, and 21R. They were all built from brand new cars with no power windows, door locks, or AC. Saleen had Dave Dixon build custom balanced showroom stock motors. The engine in the 20R puts down 254rwhp and 310rwtq on the dyno. That is roughly equal to 300hp at the engine. Hmmm…showroom stock?

> This car along with two other Saleen Mustangs, finished 1-2-3 at Mosport Park’s 24hr race in the Escort Endurance Series.d

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1988 Saleen Mustang #20R

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