1985 Saleen "Big Wing" Mustang #26

1985 Saleen "Big Wing" Mustang #26

1985 Saleen “Big Wing” Mustang #26.

> The 14th Saleen built in 1985.

> This is a very rare “Big Wing” car and has been authenticated by Steve and Liz Saleen.

> The “Big Wing” cars were hand build by Steve Saleen in Petaluma, CA before Saleen moved to Le Habra, CA.

> This Saleen is a survivor with original paint, decals and only 80K original miles. It was sold new from Town Ford in Redwood City, CA and remained in the same area until it was discovered.

> The larger fiberglass wing and front air dam were used on the ’84s and approximately 27 of the early ’85s.

1985 Saleen "Big Wing" Mustang #26

Located in Richmond, VA

1985 Saleen "Big Wing" Mustang #26

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